It is indeed my birthday and I cannot think of a better present than the one I share with you now. I came into this world seventy-three years ago, roughly four months after the untimely death of Robert E. Howard and five before Howard Phillips Lovecraft shuffled off this mortal coil. Growing up during the Great Depression and World War II in rural Indiana, it was Weird Tales that got me through much of it, I must admit.

I have now come full circle. My childhood obsession with tales of terror has now become the passion to which I wish to dedicate myself to in these, the winter years of my grand adventure in this world.

I have surrounded myself with two talented individuals, Tracy DeVore and Bob Freeman, both excellent writers in their own right, but who possess other skills as well that will help me fulfill my dream of offering collectible, limited editions of some of the most exciting horror fiction being written today.

These are the new Weird Tales.

As you can see, we’ve already put out our first call for submissions, and later today we’ll announce our first official release.

So let us celebrate. It’s my birthday after all, and Samhain to boot. What better time to launch this new publishing house than when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest? Why, even now, I can sense the ghosts of Howard and Lovecraft here with us, inspiring what is to come.

—T. Sexton